About IMCreationsart

IMCreationsart (formerly IMCreations) Since the onset of IMCreationsart, Irene, founder and owner, has introduced many handmade items such as dangling earrings, cufflinks, compact mirrors, glass tile magnet sets, bag hangers, and hand drawn stickers. Her interest in art and creating handmade items have always been with her since her younger years. After graduating from college, working in corporate America, and starting to raise a family, Irene came up with the idea: Why not take all the skills she had learned from her previous work experience, combine it with her artistic passion, and integrate it into a home business? Viola! IMCreationsart was brought to life.

With a high-quality printer, the designs always come out crisp and clear. Showcasing art on jewelry and accessories brings out one's individuality. Customers can express themselves through the design they choose. Wearable art can be an extension of how we feel and think. There is a large variety of designs so the customer can have a better selection to choose the one that resonates with them. Every product is carefully handmade to ensure that the quality is exquisite.

IMCreationsart jewelry and accessories are unique, affordable, and make a wonderful gift idea for any occasion. Any of the products can make lovely party favors, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, items for fundraisers, graduation gifts, and holiday gifts. Wholesale and custom orders are welcome!

Most importantly, IMCreationsart strives to keep all customers 100% satisfied. The customer's positive experience is what motivates this small business to thrive.

 IMCreationsart is your one-stop shop for unique gift-giving ideas!

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